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What is a Comprehensive Plan?


A comprehensive plan is a long-term guide for future development, redevelopment, and reinvestment for the City of Logan.  The intent of the plan is to provide a vision on which future decisions can be based on including, but not limited to, capital improvements, investment and reinvestment opportunities,  and regulatory changes related to the physical and economic,  development of the city.

What is a Zoning Ordinance?


Zoning is a regulatory tool that the city can use to help protect investments, such as homes and businesses, from other uses that may be harmful or directly impact the enjoyment and use of property.  The City of Logan is considering adopting zoning as a way to protect neighborhoods and investments in the city through some basic regulations without having to delve into complicated regulations that larger communities might have. In order for the city to even consider adopting zoning, West Virginia state law requires the city adopt a comprehensive plan. This project will use the comprehensive plan to help guide the development of zoning.

You! It will be the residents, business owners, and officials from the City of Logan that will help direct the creation of the plan. This project is intended to be transparent and allow the public multiple avenues to help shape the recommendations for the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance.  A summary of the feedback from these events will be posted on the Project Materials page. Check back with this site often for information on activities and events related to this project or sign up for email alerts on the Home page!


Who Will be Involved?

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